Sekwanele Ex-convict Integration Association of South Africa is a national non-profit organization started by Fana Majola in 2005 armed with expertise in establishing community projects that will help form a new South Africa and a genuine belief in the importance of inter-cultural dialogue. Fana formed a business plan for a sustainable non-profit organization.

Sekwanele prides itself in the fact that the very members that form its executive committee have experienced the negative results of being involved in crime, hence they realized the importance of forming an organization of this more

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Our main purpose

The aim is to bring together all sectors of society to fight against crime and create jobs. Sekwanele’s main strategy is to create behavioral change in people who are either committing crime or at risk of entering a life of crime.

In 2011/12 the organization branched out to form a seven Sekwanele Sub-committees offices which operates independently on similar issues of crime prevention. In December 2011 Sekwanele successfully organized a campaign to donate food parcels in Pietermaritzburg Ncwadi to the needy community.

Over and above that Sekwanele organizes crime awareness campaigns, social programmes and behavioral change programmes in schools, communities and correctional centers across South Africa.

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